2005-07-01 / Sports

By Terry Sciarrino

Was it me, or was there a general lack of enthusiasm for the Belmont Stakes? Is it possible that the only interest in the Triple Crown races comes if there is a possible winner? The fact that there hasn’t been a Triple Crown winner for 25 years should tell you how hard it is to accomplish this.

Most horses at three years of age just aren’t capable of putting together such an effort in the space of five weeks, which is why the feat is special and why most people are interested whenever a horse wins the first two races.

What is unfortunate is the “win or you stink” attitude which pervades all sports these days. Lose in the Super Bowl or World Series and you’re derided as a loser. Get knocked out in a championship fight and you’re a bum. Pretty soon, unless you win championships by a huge margin, you’re going to be considered chopped liver.

Speaking of losing, how about those Yankees? Talk about mud

dling through. Win ten straight,

lose ten straight. How’s that for

consistency? (Actually, that’s

nine of ten, but who’s counting?)

Break up the Nationals! The

former Montreal Expos continue

to lead in the NL East as baseball

begins to resemble the NFL in par

ity. While all the teams in the NL

East are over .500, most are only

ordinary at best. I mean, name the

top pitcher for the Nationals.

(Don’t worry, I can’t either.)

How about Lou Pinella calling

out the owners of the Tampa Bay

Devil Rays for not spending money

on good players? Think he’s going

to be around much longer?

Sure to happen: once Lou gets

fired, he’ll be in all the papers as

the replacement for Joe Torre if

the Yanks continue to stumble.

Okay, I’m the first to admit a

goof. I can’t believe the Spurs won

the NBA title, but to their credit,

they were tough when it counted.

Tim Duncan is the best center

in the NBA currently playing

power forward, which points out

the dearth of true centers still ply

ing their trade.

Other than Shaq, who else

plays the classic center position anymore? Which is funny because everyone says you can’t win without a center and which is why you shouldn’t listen to conventional wisdom while placing bets on athletic contests.

Kudos to Shaq for completing his master’s degree in business and going through the graduation of University of Phoenix at the Forum last week.

The passing of former Laker great George Mikan has rekindled awareness in the center position. After Shaq leaves, who will be left? Duncan is a forward in a center’s body. Yao Ming kind of fits the bill, but he strays out of the lane too much. Who plays center for the Lakers, anyway?

Speaking of the Lakers, now that Phillip is back, how long before they trade Kobe? I don’t think Buss will do that, but he must have been desperate to hire Phil back, after basically firing him last year in one of basketball’s all-time blunders of management. Sometimes I think Buss only occasionally remembers he is running one of the sport’s great franchises.

Too bad about old Mike Tyson getting clocked again. He is a classic bully who has been getting whipped ever since Buster Douglas whacked him in Tokyo. Once the façade of invincibility was gone, he was exposed for what he is—a coward, a bully and someone who was seriously flawed as a human being as a result of a horrific background as a child.

Is the NHL still on strike?

Does anyone remember the good old days of hockey? When was the last time there was a season, anyway? I can’t believe those bozos are getting ready to blow off another season. This is a classic case of people who are so stupid and egotistical that they are willing to blow themselves up rather than compromise.

As I predicted in a column that wasn’t run, (you’ll have to take my word for it), an unknown won the U.S. Open, Michael Campbell of New Zealand. The loser who finished second was Tiger Woods. Oh well, as Tiger himself once said, “Second sucks, (unless it’s me).”

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